Tooth Sensitivity

Are your teeth sensitive?

sensitivityDo you get a twinge or sharp pain when you eat things like ice cream or drink coffee? Or maybe you even get this when you are just brushing your teeth. Tooth sensitivity can affect 1 out of 3 adults, and you can develop this tooth sensitivity as early as your 20’s.

Why does it hurt?

Tooth sensitivity pain occurs when your tooth enamel (a protective coating on teeth), has worn away or when your gum tissue starts to recede and exposes the inner dentin layer. When this happens it allows painful sensations to travel easily through the tooth to the sensitive nerve center.

The erosion on the enamel starts with everyday wear and tear of chewing and brushing. When dietary acids from citrus fruits and carbonated drinks are allowed to accumulate on the teeth, this can cause the enamel to soften and the erosion to worsen. You may also be one of those people that just have a thin enamel. In both cases brushing and flossing is very important.

It is very important if you have tooth sensitivity to advise your dentist or hygenist, as they can provide you with a coplete home care oral hygene program, and show you the proper way to brush and floss.