Dry Mouth

It is normal to have a dry mouth once in a while, however, if you have a dry mouth all the time, you should check with your Dentist or Doctor, as it can lead to serious health problems and note, it is not a normal part of aging.

Dry mouth can cause problems with tasting, chewing swallowing, speaking and may also increase chances of developing infections within the mouth or dental decay. It can also be a sign of certain diseases/conditions or it can sometimes be caused by medications or medical treatments such as Radiation and Chemotherapy.

When you have dry mouth you do not have enough saliva, or spit to keep your mouth wet. If this is the case, you may experience a sticky, dry feeling in the mouth or throat. You may have cracked lips, mouth sores, or a dry rough tongue and you may have trouble swallowing, chewing, tasting or speaking.

It is important to have enough saliva in your mouth to keep it wet because it helps to digest food, protects teeth from decay, helps to prevent infections and makes it possible to chew and swallow. The treatment of dry mouth will depend on what the cause is.